Unfortunately, extractions are sometimes necessary.

No one likes the idea of having a tooth extracted but we make it our priority to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during any dental extractions.

Routine Extractions

We use local anaesthetics to numb the tooth or teeth that we are extracting and once you are numb you should not feel any discomfort. The tooth is then removed from the socket and the area is packed to ensure that there is no bleeding once you have left the practice. We ensure to book an appropriate amount of time in our diary for any dental extraction to ensure that you are not rushed during this sometimes complex procedure.

Surgical Extractions

Sometimes when a tooth is heavily broken or trapped inside the jawbone then we need to surgically remove the tooth. Our experienced dentists perform all types of surgical extractions including the removal of wisdom teeth.

Anxious Patients

Generally, we are able to make all patients feel at ease however for special circumstances or very nervous patients we can prescribe mild sedatives to be taken the night before and on the day of the extraction to make you feel more at ease.

Extractions start from £195

If you have any questions please call us now to this number: 07513 201 000 and we will happily help you or email us: liverpool@nightanddaydentist.co.uk