To book a same day appointment please call us on 07513 201 000, alternatively, you can email us on liverpool@nightanddaydentist.co.uk or message us via WhatsApp.

We will send you a confirmation text as soon as your appointment has been booked.

No registration is required. We mostly see dental emergencies and we always send patients back to their own registered dentist. However, if you do not have a dentist and want to be seen, you can contact us on 07513 201 000 to get booked in.

Warm salt water rinses are very useful if you have swelling or some sort of infection, as salt water is a natural antiseptic and can reduce pain. Another temporary measure is taking over the counter painkillers as this will slightly reduce any pain. Always consult with a professional before taking any medication.

Most people suffer from dental pain at night due to the position in which they are laying down, as blood rushes to the head and the pain or swelling in the tooth increases. To avoid this pain, we advise visiting the dentist as they will be able to take X-Rays and provide suitable treatment.

Unfortunately, toothache is not classed as a life threatening emergency so they will not be able to treat you.

However, if you have facial swelling that is affecting your ability to breathe then we advise you to visit A&E.

Our staff at Night and Day are experts at dealing with nervous patients. We ensure that we provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to avoid any additional anxiety. We will do everything we can to help. You will be in complete charge of your treatment, so if you ever want us to stop you just wave at us and we stop. We carry out all treatments at the pace that suits the patient and strive to provide a comforting experience. You are entitled to discover treatment options before any treatment is carried out, as our main focus is to provide patient centred care.

There is a £50 consultation fee, this includes X-rays and examination.

Any treatment needed there will be a further cost, all treatment is done on the same day.

Yes, we regularly see patients from abroad as they have no dentist here. We welcome all patients; no registration is required. Just give us a call on 07513 201 000 and get booked in!

The practice is based in Netherfield and is a 5 minute walk from the Netherfield Train Station and a 10 minute drive from Colwick Country Park.

The nearest A road is the A52 or the A60 Depending on what direction you are traveling from and the closest junction to us via the M1 Is junction 26 and then follow the A610 Nutall.