Acrylic Dentures


Our classic private denture uses Natura teeth and high quality impact acrylic. This is a great option for a more economical set and would function perfectly.


This set utilises a higher quality of teeth called enigma life, which has further natural characteristics and more durable. The base of the denture is high impact acrylic with colouring to mimic the natural vasculature of the gums.


Our finest construction involves the highest quality. The denture base is hand finished with composite colouring also with the inclusion of the natural rugae and texture of the palate to improve speech and retain the most natural feel. We will personally see you to discuss colouring and shade in the comfort of the practice.

Dentures starts from £550 (Per Arch)

If you have any questions please call us now to this number: 07513 201 000 and we will happily help you or email us: